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ZenCash Super node in beta!

Most of ZenCash investors and node enthusiast eagerly waiting for the moment is finally at the horizon. Yes, ZenCash super node will be going live around July 19th.

ZenCash team has announced that super node will be available for beta testing between July 10 – July 18. There is no significant change in the application layer except for the new tracker version. The new tracker version 0.3.0 will be the only change for now. This new ZenCash secure node and super node tracking app allows it the respective nodes to communicate with its corresponding tracking server. It provides data to the server about the node and performs compliance challenges. Nodes that are in compliance receive a percentage of the block rewards. The tracking networks runs on completely separate from the zencash network.

The name of application is changes from secnodetracker to nodetracker. Each nodetracker must have:

  • a unique IP address (v4 or v6) also used by zend
  • about 0.04 ZEN for challenges in one or more z-address on the node

Secure Node – maintain a stake address with at least 42 ZEN – be able to perform challenges in less than 300 seconds – uptime of 92% or greater.

Super Node – a stake address with at least 500 ZEN – be able to perform challenges in 150 seconds or – uptime of 96% or greater.

This new tracker will be used for secure node as well as super nodes. Existing secure nodes may not need to upgrade unless you are planning to host super nodes to same server.


These are instructions to update your tracker software. If you are doing a new install see the New Installation instructions further down or in the online Installation Guide

  • Check the version of nodejs: Run the following command
node -v

Suggested version is 8.11.x since it will have long-term support. Node.js versions greater than this have not been tested but should work.

  • To update or change run:
sudo n lts
  • Change to the secnodetracker folder and update the tracker application. This may be ‘~/zencash/secnodetracker’ if the install guides were followed.
cd ~/zencash/secnodetracker
git fetch origin
git checkout master
git pull

If git complains about overwriting a file use: git checkout -- filename
e.g. git checkout -- package.json
Then run the last 3 above commands again.

  • Add node.js environment variable when updating the npm modules.This will stop the next step from installing development libraries. Install new nodejs module and remove old ones.
NODE_ENV=production npm install
  • Run setup (this will refresh the list of servers) in the tracker’s config folder. You should be able to accept all the previous values. There are two new propmts: the node type (secure or super) and an optional category. The category can be used to help filter your nodes (if you have many) in certain API calls.
node setup
  • Stop the tracker application and restart it

node app

or restart using your management application such as Sysctl or PM2

During the ramp/beta testing up period the stake amount will be set at 3 Zen and it will be raised to the correct amount of 500 Zen on July 18th.


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