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Ready for super nodes?

Click here to host a hassle-free secure node or a super node.

During the ramp/beta testing up period, the stake amount will be set at 3 Zen and it will be raised to the correct amount of 500 Zen on July 18th.


  • At least 500 ZEN in a t-address for staking
  • Four CPU cores minimum
  • 8GB of RAM or more
  • 100GB of storage or more
  • Zend: Both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Tracker: either IPv4 or IPv6 similar to Secure Nodes
  • 96% node uptime per earning period
  • Maximum Challenge time of 150 seconds (may be adjusted)
  • Valid, non-expired TLS certificate

If you are setting up a new Super Node:

When the Super Node tracking servers are ready on July 10th, a Super Node can be created and tested to ensure it passed challenges.

  • Set up the VPS following the requirements which are greater than a Secure Node
  • The node must be set up using the new 0.3.x tracker.
  • The tracker prompts for the type of node during setup
  • Only 3 Zen is needed in the stake address until the 18th.
  • The stake address must be different than any stake address used by a secure node.  They will be cross-checked.
  • A small amount of Zen is needed in the node’s private addresses for challenges
  • When the stake is increased to 500 Zen, an Exception will be created and an email sent
  • Super Node Installation Guide (Link available soon)

If you are migrating a Secure Node:

It’s likely you will want to wait until the last moment to migrate a Secure Node to a Super Node. The following general steps are suggested

  • Update the node to the physical requirements for a Super Node
  • When 0.3.0 is released, update your Secure Node and during setup enter ‘secure’
  • The new nodetracker keeps your configuration for each type of node
  • When you are ready to switch to Super Node, rerun the node setup and enter ‘super’ using the new stake address
  • Restarting the tracker will connect to the Super Node tracking servers
  • Once configured like this the node can switch between Secure and Super node types.
  • Migration Guide (Link available soon)

Click here to host a hassle-free secure node or a super node.

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