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Host Horizen (Zencash) Nodes for Free!

Host Horizen (Zencash) Nodes for Free!

Looking at current market scenario we are bringing in an exciting offer for all Horizen (Zencash) holders. Until ZEN crosses its $16 price, we would be offering one free node for each node you order with us. Yes, exactly it is Buy One Get One Free! So don’t wait, buy ZEN at its lower cost now and host nodes with us and get one node absolutely free, of course, you need additional ZEN for this free node.

This offer is applicable for securenodes as well as supernodes. This is exclusively for new nodes, existing nodes will not be eligible for this offer. So why wait, let’s host Horizen (Zencash) nodes for Free!

So how does it work? Its very simple, you have to place an order for new node and while placing an order you will need to share one additional staking address holding required ZEN for hosting a node. For example, if you are placing an order for a single securenode or supernode, you will need to provide two staking addresses during checkout. So what are you waiting for order any number of nodes, and you get an equal amount of free nodes with us.

As we all know ZEN has better future ahead. Growing during a crypto market contraction is a noteworthy feat. At Horizen, the team’s approach is to conservatively build a strong foundation that will allow leapfrog and scale. Focusing on key differentiating features and establishing business processes that will enable Horizen to continue growing as an ecosystem. Horizen accomplished so much in 3Q 2018, including releasing a major software upgrade ZEN 2.0.15 that includes a change to the Bitcoin consensus imposing a penalty to offline miners. The Bitcoin Consensus Enhancement can be adopted in any proof-of-work blockchain that uses the Bitcoin protocol. Horizen is proud to contribute to the open source blockchain community by making the Bitcoin Protocol Enhancement available to the world!

One more great news! Horizen is now integrated with AnyPay.

The Horizen team is determined to increase the usability of ZEN in people’s daily life. Team is proud to announce our integration with AnyPay, a Point-of-Sale software used by over 200 retailers in the USA.

Starting today, ZEN will be an accepted form of payment at all of AnyPay’s locations.  AnyPay clients include yoga studios, juice bars, restaurants, breweries, clothing stores, and even theaters.



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